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The recipients of the email were a catalog of the digital elite (at places like UCLA, PARC, and the Rand Corporation) who possessed the mainframe computers and access privileges necessary to be on the web in the late 1970s.DIGITAL WILL BE GIVING A PRODUCT PRESENTATION OF THE NEWEST MEMBERS OF THE DECSYSTEM-20 FAMILY; THE DECSYSTEM-2020, 2020T, 2060, AND 2060T.(((Echo))) Parentheses When used around someone's name, a means of indicating that they are Jewish.The "echoes" are a reference to some old gobbledygook about Jews "echoing through history," but the parentheses are a handy tool on Twitter for anti-Semites to signal to one another when someone they dislike is Jewish.Imagine all these things as different bubbles in a Venn diagram with the alt-right in the middle.This guide aims to help explain some of those weird images and words you may have seen popping up in comments sections or on social media.

I hope not.” (The author of this prescient email happened to be legendary programmer and free software advocate Richard Stallman.)On the whole, though, unsolicited emailers were pariahs in the early days of the Internet.

Twitter users from left, Adria Richards, Lindy West and Shireen Mitchell, have all endured varying degrees of online harassment, which they agree has been difficult to tackle due to the social media platform's limited abilities to stop online trolls.

(You Tube, Twitter) In the hashtag-laden language of its users, Twitter's anti-trolling measures might qualify as an epic #fail.

Now she is out in the open and leading a campaign against the firm, which is allegedly run by a Kremlin-connected businessman. “These people are using propaganda to destroy objectivity and make people doubt the motives of any civil protest.

Worst of all, they’re doing it by pretending to be us, the citizens of Russia.” In an attempt to expose the practices of Internet Research, Ms Savchuk is suing the company for breaches of labour law because she never received a contract and was paid in cash.