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I talk about it a lot, I write about it a lot, and if you’ve read my work for any significant amount of time, maybe you’ve noticed that.Most of my advice around taking dating breaks comes from the position that if you are going to take a break, you should use that time in a constructive way.

If you enjoy yoga, a painting class once a week after work, and brunch with family on Sunday, don’t stop doing those things because you’re trying to schedule in too many dates.

My day-to-day life had gotten so busy that trying to write or podcast would have overwhelmed me. I’m not the biggest name in dating advice by any stretch of the imagination, but having strangers from halfway across the world say is an incredible feeling, but also a significant responsibility in my eyes.

I feel a certain sense of obligation to write and podcast.

Take a break and find the cause of your dissatisfaction, try to come up with solutions to fix your problems or at the very least, ameliorate them.

I stand by that advice, but I realized that this is only applicable if the reason you want to take a break is because you don’t enjoy a part of dating. I would urge you to take a break from dating when it’s a significant source of dissatisfaction in your life in a very direct way, but I think there is value in taking a break from dating even if the experience is enjoyable overall.